Thaalam 2017 Greetings – TDSB Trustee Parthi Kandavel

Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA)

Message of Support:

I would like to extend my support to the Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA) and their valued work. CTYA is a non-profit organization that includes many Tamil youth clubs in the GTA and across Canada, creating opportunities and events for Tamil youth so that they may realize their life’s potential and contribute to all that Canada has to offer.

In particular, I would like to congratulate the CTYA on their upcoming event, Thaalam 2017: the Ultimate Gaana Competition, which will provide a vital platform to showcase and celebrate Tamil youth.

At this important milestone, of Confederation’s one hundredth and fiftieth year, it is worth remembering that diversity is Canada’s greatest strength, and cannot be taken for granted or allowed to wither. Our diversity must be nurtured and that is why I support the efforts of the Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance in all the work they do to strengthen Tamil youth and our next generation of citizens and leaders.


Parthi Kandavel

Letter of Support CTYA

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