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Writing was not always a craft Janaath thought he would fall in love with. In fact, growing up he would often get mediocre grade in his English classes. With mediocre grades, also went down his confidence in his writing abilities. Until one day two years ago, he decided to write a random rant on his Facebook status. He just wanted to openly express something he was feeling, but the reactions he got from his peers were outstanding. It sparked his journey of writing and his blog https://expressionwithoutboundaries.wordpress.com/purchase-my-novel-here/

He decided to complete a novel, where he can fuse the western culture he was raised in, with the inherited culture blended within his roots. There was born the idea to start “Cross Roads: Pick a Path”. He had the intent to write a novel, but he still did not have a story. Then there was one night, where he woke up in the midst of a nightmare, and thought “you know what? I could form this nightmare into a story that people would love to read, and maybe one day visualize on the big screen.”


Here is a little synopsis of what “Cross Roads: Pick a Path” is all about:

 Life does not always play out according to plan. One way or another every individual is met with cross roads. Cross roads that will either throw you down the drain, or bring you to new heights in life. Such was the case for Arrun Durai, a Toronto based software engineer that had everything he ever needed from life. Which is quite hard to believe, considering the fact that he is an orphaned child, raised amongst other orphaned children.

 Like all men, Arrun too falls in love. Love is beautiful, although at times love is not always as beautiful as portrayed. Sometimes, love is what causes a mans downfall, and in Arruns case, it may have been his defeat.

 “Cross Roads: Pick a Path” a story of life, family, love, crime, and redemption will keep you at the edge of your seat, anticipating what is to come next. With all this said, are you ready to join the journey, and meet Arrun at his cross roads?

Where can you purchase it?

Writing a novel is hard, but it is not the hardest part. After a completed manuscript came the hardest part of his journey. He faced many barriers to find a publishing company who were ready to take on a new author. In present day we have the tools to self-publish, and that is exactly what he decided to do.

All the purchases have to be made online, and his novel is available in both paperback version, and eBook versions.


Apple iTuneshttps://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/cross-roads-pick-a-path/id1030459053?mt=11



Barnes&Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/cross-roads-janaath-vijayaseelan/1122527632?ean=2940152093759

Inktera: http://www.inktera.com/store/title/1f05832a-c9b0-4a74-82c3-e59015ecf379




Instagram: https://instagram.com/janaathv



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