Thangachi’s Corner: A Change of Pace

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February 26, 2014

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Written By: Keerthana Raveendran 

I have always been a planner.

I know exactly how my day is going to look the second I wake up, right down to the minute details. I rely heavily on my agenda, and have the next two weeks planned out to the letter. I am forward-thinking when it comes to short term goals, and have a general sketch of the next year or so in the long term.

Needless to say, I am fairly organized. And being prepared certainly has its perks. I am almost always on top of things, I get tasks done in an orderly fashion, and I never miss deadlines. I’m hardly ever lost and I have back up plans for my back up plans—just in case.

But while preparedness comes with its perks, it has its downsides as well. While it helps to make plans and predictions, life is hardly ever that easy to plot down. Instead, it is a dynamic, spontaneous phenomenon, and the organized person will find themselves at a complete loss when plans suddenly change.

Speaking for myself, the planner is someone who wants complete control over their surrounding environment–an impossible feat in its own definition. I often find myself making plans to which I grow attached, and feeling frustrated when unforeseen circumstances intervene.

A bit silly? Perhaps. But this a rather difficult statement to digest for those who spend almost all of their time living a few hours ahead of everyone else: A little spontaneity doesn’t hurt anyone. Rephrased—live in the moment.

Folks who are more spontaneous tend to be carefree. They are less stressed and are more inclined to enjoy life than their higher-strung counterparts.

The key, perhaps, is to find a compromise between the two extremes, a sort of balance. While I couldn’t possibly condone a life of spontaneity with my carefully conditioned, planning behaviour patterns, it is probably a right step in the direction to retreat from plans once in a while and play it by ear. And while it’s okay to have guidelines planned out, a day of impulse will only serve as very welcomed spice in an otherwise bland dish.

A change of pace, if you will.


About the Author:

Keerthana Raveendran, known by her flock as Thangachi, is an aspiring author whose motivation to write usually kicks in when she’s supposed to be occupied elsewhere. She is an avid procrastinator who sees potential novel ideas as movies in her head. Maybe one of these days they’ll make it onto the page. Thangachi is currently a Masters student studying English at York University.


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