Thoondal:”Just took my shoes off, ma’am!”

Thoondal:”Just took my shoes off, ma’am!”

Written By: Shayanika Suresh

Studying for exams, I often find myself stuck in various coffee shops and libraries for hours at a time. On one such studious occasion, as I was so busily cramming away, I felt a slight tap on my shoulder and I turned to see a face peering at me through large, round glasses. She had a frown on her face, and as she was formulating sentences, I was hastily trying to figure out what I had done wrong, so that I could excuse myself with a simple apology. Unable to find the cause for trouble, I turned to concentrate on what she was saying, “You have to have your shoes on at all times”, I heard her whisper. It took me a few seconds to fully understand what she had just said to me. I had taken off my boots and was sitting cross-legged on the wooden chair. “Yes, yes of course, sorry”, I muttered. She moved on, and I quickly slipped my boots on. The older woman sharing the table with me looked at me in disbelief. “Did she seriously just say that?”, she whispered. I smiled and nodded and turned my focus on the books before me. But I couldn’t help but wonder what the rationale behind such a rule could be. A way to avoid the smell of sweaty socks and feet, maybe? On my way home, I stopped in front of a framed document near the elevators which featured the Rules for Conduct of the library in extremely small font. I wanted to see for myself, if that was indeed a written rule. Sure enough, the rule was there. “All footwear and clothing must be kept on at all times”. If only the document also had an explanation for the rule.

On a more serious note, please do not take your shoes off at the library. A rule is a rule, and I wouldn’t encourage you to break the law.


CTYA’s Blog has started a new feature every Thursday called ‘Thoondal’, meaning inspiration, stimulation, or inducement. Through these weekly features, the author hopes to inspire you, stimulate your senses and induce you to think deeply about the topics she addresses and finally, to use those thoughts to inspire many more wonderful youth like you.

About the Author:

Shayanika Suresh is a Law Graduate currently working on establishing her legal career. She is also a passionate writer and has self-published a collection of short stories, “Lips no longer sealed”. Shayanika’s passion to raise awareness of various social issues that affect individuals and society as a whole is evident in her work, leaving a message for the reader to take home.


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