Thaalam 2013 Dance Team Call Out!

Written By: Arts and Culture Council of Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance

We’re back!!! Yes, that’s right! We’re back to see if you’re ready to rise up to the challenge once again! The Arts and Culture Council of Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA) will be hosting its third annual Thaalam dance competition in June 2013!!! The Arts and Culture Council of CTYA creates an environment for youth that is inspiring and conducive of self-expression through the arts and culture. Among its key objectives are the improvement, re-orientation and expansion of programs that promote the arts and Tamil culture to Canadian Tamil youth and the broader Canadian community.

Dance is an integral part of art, as it is a form in which individuals are able to express themselves through movement. In essence, it captivates the viewers and commonly depicts a story without words. Individuals or groups of dancers unite and create a trance that allures people together and is often complimented by music and costume. In an attempt to showcase the power of dance, Thaalam was held in the past two years and has proven to be a very successful event.

Thaalam is an inter-university/college dance competition in which the Tamil Students Associations (TSAs) from various Canadian colleges and universities come together and compete. Thaalam works to preserve the Tamil identity. Through this event, Tamil language, culture, and history is being represented and strengthened. Through Thaalam, Tamil dancers have a venue to display their talent and passion for dance. On June 24th, 2012, we held our second annual Thaalam dance competition in which 6 teams took part. They were supported by upbeat, pride-filled cheer squads to showcase their talents on stage. The competition had given the winners an opportunity to compete in the international dance competition, ‘Aadukalam 2012’.

Arts and Culture Council of CTYA is currently accepting university/college teams who would like to participate in Thaalam 2013. If you would like to participate for this year’s Thaalam dance competition, please contact CTYA’s Arts and Culture Council at with the contact information of your current TSA President, as well as the contact information for the team coordinators. Deadline to submit contact information is December 7th,2012.

Pictures of Thaalam 2012

Pictures of Thaalam 2011

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