Thaalam 2017 – Greetings from John Sprovieri

May 24th, 2017

Dear Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance,

On behalf of the City of Brampton Members of Council, I wish to extend our congratulations and warmest greetings to everyone in attendance and supporting the Thaalam 2017: The Ultimate Gaana Competition.

I congratulate CTYA on their volunteerism, organization and commitment to the community. Youth organizations are a vital part of Brampton as they help to create future leaders and encourage youth to participate. Canadian Tamils across the country help in creating a diverse, enriched and empowering community. The work of the Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance is motivating and great encouragement to all cultures, the youth and the community.

I applaud the teams performing and wish all those attending and participating a great evening.


John Sprovieri

Regional Councillor

Wards 9 & 10

John Sprovieri – Letter of Support

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