Greetings from Candidate Vijay Thanigasalam – Thaalam 2017

To the Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance,


As an active youth leader in our community, I am pleased to support Thaalam 2017: The Ulitmate Gaana Competition.  would like to this opportunity to extend my support to CTYA, a non-profit organization that has continuously worked hard to empower and encourage youth leaders in our community.


CTYA’s annual Thaalam dance competition is a wonderful platform for artists in our community to showcase their talent. As Canadian Tamils, we are privileged to have organizations like CTYA, which continue to focus on our culture, traditions and youth empowerment. I would like to congratulate all the dancers taking part in this competition and wish them all the best!

Please accept my wishes for a successful event.



Vijay Thanigasalam
MPP Candidate
Scarbrough Rouge Park


Letters of Support – Vijay Thanigalasam


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