Can you imagine?

Written by: By: Adanan Vivekanandan

All the innocent souls who died for something they NEVER did

Who is to blame for this genocide?

Shall we all point our fingers to the Sri Lankan Government?

Thousands of innocent Tamils who were targeted and brutally massacred

Now from where we stand, Tamils are STILL in these camps which fail to

Provide the basic needs of life like food

The Sri Lankan government has failed to provide the 30 basic human rights

I speak for all the innocent civilians who have the right to move freely and get

the shelter and food that is needed for them to survive

Can you imagine how it would be to not have any freedom to do what you want to do?

Can you imagine all the innocent Tamils looking for food and shelter to feed their children?

Can you imagine suffering the pain of not knowing what happened to your loved ones?

If every single Tamil person in the world respectfully remembers and pays respect to the victims of the May Massacre, I’m sure we can keep the freedom flame alive…

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