An Occurrence

Written by: Mathusaan G.


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An average man
A nameless face
The median
Of human race

Not your knight
In shining armor
Not Master chief
Spartan soldier

Rise and shine
Take a shower
Get dressed
In an hour

Go to work
Sit all day
In a cubicle
For average pay

Go back home
Sore feet
Back to bed
And repeat

This was how I
Spent my life
Till you came
That night

It was raining hard
You were standing there
In the cold breeze
With your wet hair

Before you caught a cold
I let you in
You took a bath
I made tea and gin

We talked awhile
Got to know you
Let you stay the night
After we ate stew

Never thought about it
Till last week
When I saw you
And your dimpled cheek

You just thanked me
And we talked some
But when you did leave
My heart went numb

After that day
Life was a bore
I thought of you
Many times more

If we meet again
Tell you my love
Till that day
I’m a flightless dove

With hope that
Might never come true
I still believe
Cuz that’s what I do


mathusanMathusaan is an Engineering Student at Ryerson University. He has been writing poems since the age of 14 which has allowed him to disclose emotion and views in an oblique manner. He is influenced by events that have transpired around him. 

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