2004 December 26th Tsunami

Written By: Silence

Tsunami - Kalmunai2004 December 26th


An earth quake measuring 9.1-9.3 Magnitude on the rector scale devastated South Asia, causing a catastrophic set of events.

230000 Dead,

Families left with nothing

To Fend for Themselves,

Changing, Lives across the world

The Tsunami sparked a worldwide humanitarian response; 14 billion dollars raised and pledged in a matter of weeks

Little did I know that this would be a pivotal moment in my life. I remember waking up, ready for a family Christmas party. Excited to see my family.

The phone rang.

Cancelled? Why? Tsunami? What do you mean Tsunami? Are you speaking about the AXE body spray?

Tsunami – A series of water waves caused by the displacement of a large volume of a body of water, generally an ocean or a large lake. Caused commonly by Earthquakes, etc

Upset and confused,

Towering Waves,


Many Dead,

Bodies still counted

Words lost

A flame,

A clawing within my soul

Do something

But at the time,


A question

Looking Back,

Single mother, 2 Children

Left Alone,

New Country, New Language, New Surroundings,

Jane and Finch

Forced to Mature


Outcast from the very start

Clothing, Awkward

Color, Different

Hair, Comb Over

Food, Smelly

Culture, Unknown

My name a Chore

Nick Names,

As they said,

Paki, Curry Legs, Brown Face, Sand Nigger,

So I ran,

Far away,


Dressed and spoke like the Youth in the Area

Got in trouble like the Youth in the Area

Sri Lanka, Tamil Tigers

Didn’t know

Ancestors, History, Lineage,

Did not want to know

Just wanted to “fit” in
Years of Silence

**Breaking News**

Thousands Dead,

Thousands Missing,

Thousands Displaced

Urgent aid needed

Money and Supplies

World Came Together to support

Money Collected,

Eelam Mentioned

Tamil Eelam?

First Time I ever have heard

So intrigued,

Sleepless nights

About a world at one point never wanted to know about.

The next few weeks were transforming,

Memorial service for the lives lost in Tsunami

Emotion, none

Living in a perfect ideology of the world

Couldn’t understand,

With The world now watching

How can a government not supply the humanitarian funds to the people affected by the devastation?

Families affected Saw no Relief

There has to be a governing body that holds nations accountable?

How can a nation not care about its own People?

Tamils were never Sri Lanka’s people

Scratching at the surface

So oblivious,

So Ignorant





Now Years

Years of injustice, Oppression, violence and death

Law & Order, Fails,

Protest, Dead ears

Laws structured, Ignored, Marginalize and Oppress

Impeding all social progress

Nowhere to Stay

Nowhere to go,

No place to call home

Where will we go?

Knowledge and Strength Gained

Mobilizing an immediate and effective change

Conversation with mind,

A mind lost in thought

Silence all around


In the face of Injustice

Is consenting to what is,


Finally started to break



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