Image: Night Creeper by Zdzisław Beksiński

Image: Night Creeper by Zdzisław Beksiński

Written By: Ahalya Kathirkamanathan

When the bombs fall
The tears of orphan children flood the debris  
Anguish in their eyes echo and burn the souls of their dead parents
Their eyes burdened with sorrow purges bloodshed and conflict
And any hope that fills the world disintegrates with the rotting corpses
When the fire crackles
Lost mothers bury their solitude opting for loneliness
Their children disintegrate into skeletons of themselves
Burglary and threats line their memories of their homeland
Feeling death stroll alongside them, hearing only animosity and malevolence
When at gunpoint
Death becomes the undertone to every breathe
The silent trees speaking the language of miserable effervescence
Shiva left his footprints, his existence deep and preserved in the soil
A destruction of truth creating an unwanted forceful silence
When the silence dawns
The voices within rush like waves long after the voices of soldiers subside
Auditory delusions, noise that never existed spread like darkness
A field of war, where vulgar memories reside
Pry into the eyelids slowly occluding their vision leaving them soulless 


Ahalya Kathirkamanathan is an aspiring writer and filmmaker.  She works as a Cardiology Technician at Belleville General Hospital and Academic Tutor while currently double majoring in Honours Psychology and Environmental & Health Sciences at York Glendon.





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