Waiting For Dawn

Written By: Keera Ratnam

I was told at nightfall the days ends, and with the morning sun, comes a new day and new experience. But to me, a new day means much more than waking up to see the sun. It means freedom. It is a day where the children of tomorrow are able to speak their native tongue. A day where our lives are protected from harm and a day, where we truly are free.

That day has not yet come. My people, the Tamil people, and I have been suffering from physical and mental torture. We’ve been stripped our rights and privileges – and have become muted. Despite all the suffering, we are not able to speak our voices. Why, you may ask? Why we have not spoke out? But the truth is, we are not allowed to speak. And when we do try to let our voices be heard, it is silenced. From the tiniest quarrel from our youngest living to the last standing alive.

But do not worry, my brothers and sisters are not hopeless. We too believe that we will be free one day.¬† We left our homes, family and dreams in search of a new day and to bring a day of light to our people. We are the children of today, we must work to give light to the ones that will rise tomorrow. We took oath. An oath to fight till the end, and we must vow to fight, ¬†from dawn till dusk, until a new horizon is risen. We walked many miles, up many hills, dug many bunkers, fled from forest to forest, and fled from house to house. We held on to every mother and father, and promised to protect them as our own. We watched our friends cry in pain, fall within our arms asking us to hold on tight, tighter. We carried the dead, to put them to rest, and took them home for their families to see. Mothers yelled, cried and fell down to their feet. Asking their child’s body if they can have the one last chance to meet, talk, hug.

Many of us lost arms and legs. Many lost their lives and some gave up their livelihood. They did not rest, they did not stop, they went on as each fighter fell. As death came closer, they said, beneath the ground we shall go, but will up-rise again as young springs and continue on with our journey until the rays of sunlight from tomorrow shines upon us with delight. From Dawn till Dusk we shall not sleep, beneath the ground we shall not rest, until the day has come for the birth of our nation.


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