Sri Lanka: A Not So Paradise Island,


Sri Lanka: A Not So Paradise Island

Sri Lanka: A Not So Paradise Island, is a conference held by Tamil Youth Organization – Canada (TYO) to educate everyone about the real face of Sri Lanka. Many people believe that “the war has ended” in 2009, however, the Tamil natives of the island continue to be oppressed and face structural genocide. After May of 2009, the island of Sri Lanka has been reconstructed, to look like a paradise to the outside world. This was successfully by spending billions of dollars to be recognized as the number one travel destination instead of being known as a war torn island. The government of the island has victoriously been able to steer clear from that label and have everyone believe that “the war is over” and that “everyone is happy.” Through this conference, TYO aims to reveal the ground realities of the island; how Tamil people are still being tortured, how the government is systematically taking away Tamil land, and how the Tamil identity is slowly being destroyed on the island. As Sri Lanka glorifies its tourist attractions to cover up their blood stained hands, atrocities are still being committed under the table.

Tamil Youth Organization – Canada cordially invites you to join us on Saturday, March 26 at the Scarborough Civic Centre from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. to learn more about Sri Lanka, The Not So Paradise Island.

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