Spice Garden: Jeerakam (Cumin)

Written By: Kayalvizhi J.


Welcome to Spice Garden! Love Tamil food? Me too. I’ve always been attracted to the aromas, fragrance and textures of spices, the way the flavours just blend and intertwine and the way we serve our food and by the repertoire of herbs and spices we use for healing.

Last time we looked at the spice, milagu. Today we will be looking at jeerakam (cumin).

Quick Benefits:

–      Heals skin rashes

–      Beneficial to heart and digestive system

–      Increase lactation for breastfeeding women

–      Treats insomnia and induces sleep

–      Heals mouth ulcers

Cumin seeds are used in Tamil foods whole or ground, and is a main ingredient in many curry dishes. Although small, these seeds pack intense flavor and have a peppery taste. The flavor and aroma of cumin seeds are best brought out when they are slightly roasted. They have a variety of benefits as listed above.

One way to enjoy the benefits of cumin is through cumin tea.

Cumin tea

Cumin tea aids in reducing body aches and acts as a natural sleep aid. This is especially useful for those who have trouble falling asleep. Since cumin also has antiseptic properties, it is effective in treating colds and fevers, and this tea can be taken during those times of sickness.

To make cumin tea, you need 2 teaspoons of coarsely pounded cumin and 1 cup of water. Boil the water, and add it to the cumin seeds and let this steep for 5minutes. Strain the liquid and drink it. (Yes, the taste isn’t the best, but this is beneficial!).

Is there a particular spice you want to learn more about? Leave a comment and I’ll try to include it in the coming weeks. Until next time, enjoy your tea! =)

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