Remembering You

Written by: Mathusaan G.



On the dresser it lies
The music box of memories
And from it I can hear it all
The song of dreams and harmonies

On the clouds that bring storms
I dance as lightning strikes
The rain that falls are tears
Of the dreams stuck on pikes

Under the gaze of the shining moon
You left me there as you went on
Into the darkness of the night
A place I cannot go, the abyss of light

But I will wait for you
Until time ends and restarts again
To build up our dreams
On the clouds of realities


mathusanMathusaan is an Engineering Student at Ryerson University. He has been writing poems since the age of 14 which has allowed him to disclose emotion and views in an oblique manner. He is influenced by events that have transpired around him. 


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