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Music can change the world because it can change people. – Bono

Calling all young musical artists!!!

Are you a music lover? Do you live and breathe music? Are you creative? Do you make your own music? Are you wondering how to bring your music to the limelight? Arts and Culture Council of Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance has come up with an online music competition. This is your chance to shine and expose your talent! We will post your music on our YouTube channel for others to listen to, and each month audiences will vote on their favourite music!

Deadline to Enroll:December 20, 2011

$500 worth of gift certificates for the winners!


Terms of Participation:

1.) ISAI WAR will begin the season with 6 contestants and continue for 5 consecutive months. The contestants must sign up through e-mail at  The contestants must have unique names.  The contestants may be a team or an individual.

2.) The voting will take place from the midnight on the 1st until 2300 hr on the 20th of each month. Contestants will have the opportunity to encourage their fans to vote for their music. There will be no voting after the 20th. So sit back and enjoy the music, or get up and dance!

3.) FANS MUST “LIKE” THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE IN ORDER TO CAST THEIR VOTE.  “DISLIKES” on YouTube will not be counted towards the votes.  “LIKE” on Facebook page or anywhere else will not count either.

4.) At the end of the voting period, the contestant with the lowest votes will be eliminated from the ISAI WAR.  Each month there will be one less contestant competing.  The finals will take place between two contestants on the 5th month.  After the finals, the contestant with the most votes will be the champion of the season.

5.) At the end the voting period, if the difference in votes between the 2 contestants with the least votes appears to be less than 10 “LIKES”, ISAI WAR admin will announce tie breakers.

6.) When preparing the music in video format for YouTube, the title of the song, name of the group AND the names of the individuals who worked on the song must be included!

7.) Administration reserves the right to request to remove any inappropriate content according to the YouTube Terms of Service.

8.) No profanity or inappropriate comments to be used when commenting on the videos.  If used, it will be removed by the admin and the user may be blocked from future participation. Respecting others is key.

9.) Please keep in mind that a variety of age groups that will be listening to your music. So please present your music all ages appropriate.

10.) All contents must be original to the contestant.  Plagiarized contents will be removed from the contest.

11.) By agreeing to participate in ISAI WAR, the contestant give permission to Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA) and its affiliates to broadcast their music on various media outlets.

12.) All participants must become members of CTYA.


  • Music must be submitted to the Arts and Culture Council 7 days prior to the 1st of every month.
  • Music must be submitted in YouTube supported formats. Please see the link for more info:
  • You may attach the video or a link to download the video on an e-mail and send it to
  • Our Admin will add the music to our YouTube channel and publish the link on ISAI WAR’s Facebook page.
  • Only music is important to the ISAI WAR.  You don’t need to have moving images for the videos.  You may use appropriate pictures or texts.

14.) THEMES:

  • Month 1 – An introduction or a theme of your choice
  • Month 2 – Passion
  • Month 3 – Family and/or Friendship
  • Month 4 – Freedom

15.) LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, Share your music, have fun, be creative, and blow the minds of the music lovers out there!!!!Good Luck!

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