Global Tamil Youth League – Second Annual Conference (UK)

The Global Tamil Youth League (T-League)’s Second Annual Conference was held on 7th-8th April in the United Kingdom. Delegates representing member organizations, from all around the world attended the conference. The Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA) also took part in this conference.

The conference included presentations and seminars by academics on project management, identity, the genocide of Tamils, an international perspective of the Eelam struggle and future strategies of the struggle.

CTYA was elected to take lead role by the Global Tamil Youth League in the upcoming year.

“It was a great opportunity to meet fellow young Tamil activists from all around the world, and share our experiences and thoughts of how to resist the genocide our nation faces. We are also pleased to have been elected to chair T-League for the following year and look forward to strengthening and expanding this global network of Tamil youth”, said Janarthan Sadacharalingam, a delegate from the Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance.

For the upcoming year, T-League unanimously agreed to execute the following projects:

– 3rd Annual Global Tamil Youth Conference
– Aadukalam – International dance competition
– Global Tamil Archive Foundation
– Tamil Eelam Football Association
– Film Festival

A resolution was passed during the Annual General Meeting, calling for an independent, international accountability mechanism into the allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The resolution urged T-League member organizations to work towards upholding the fundamental principles of the Tamil liberation struggle.

Full-text of the resolution:

Whereas the Tamil people have historically inhabited Tamil Eelam, the North-East of the island of Sri Lanka, as their traditional homeland; and

Whereas the Tamil people are distinguished from other people living in the island by their unique language, culture, traditions and history; and

Whereas for over sixty years the Sinhala Buddhist ideology of the Sri Lankan state is destroying the economic existence, the political and social institutions, and the demographic and territorial basis of the Tamil national identity; and

Whereas the Tamil people have been historically marginalised in language, education and citizenship and suffered state-orchestrated pogroms; and

Whereas these practices have been continuing for over sixty years in a systematic, intentional and targeted manner, constituting the genocide of the Tamil nation; and

Whereas the Tamil nation called for an independent and sovereign state of Tamil Eelam in 1977, and reaffirmed this in 2009 and 2010, based on the principles of the Vaddukkoddai Resolution of 1976; and

Whereas the Sri Lankan state cannot provide meaningful accountability or justice into the grave violations of international humanitarian law during the last phase of the armed conflict, through a domestic inquiry; and

Whereas in order to move forward with a meaningful advancement for the Tamil youth it is vital to preserve the Eelam Tamil identity and remember its history; and therefore

Be It Resolved that the Global Tamil Youth League calls for the establishment of an independent, international mechanism to ensure truth, accountability and justice.

Be it Resolved that the Global Tamil Youth League will work to achieve a political solution that recognises the uncompromising, fundamental principles of the Tamil freedom struggle; namely: recognition of the Tamil homeland, the recognition of the Tamil people as a distinct nation; recognition of the right to self determination of the Tamil nation.

Be It Resolved that the Global Tamil Youth League will work to raise awareness about the ongoing multi-faceted genocide unleashed on the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan state.

Be It Resolved that the Global Tamil Youth League will promote the identity of the Tamil nation by working to protect, foster and create awareness about the history and sacrifices of our martyrs, the national flag of Tamil Eelam, the national symbols of Tamil Eelam, our social, political and cultural symbols and national festivals associated with our rich heritage and history.

The resolution was adopted by member organisations from Canada, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland and the UK and endorsed by organisations from Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and the United States of America.

Names of organisations:
Australia – Voice of Tamils
Canada – Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance
Germany – Tamil Youth Network
Italy – Giovani Tamil
New Zealand – Tamil Youth Organisation
Norway – Tamil Youth Organisation
Sweden – Tamil Youth Organisation
Switzerland – Tamil Youth Organisation
United Kingdom – Tamil Youth Organisation
United States of America – Tamil Youth Organization


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