Chronicles of a Tamil Freshman – Part 7

Chronicles of a Tamil Freshman is a story series featured on revolving around protagonist Tanya. Make sure to read Parts 12345, and 6 first!

Written by: Thagsana Rangarajan



Tanya stared awkwardly at Prithushan, as his left eyebrow began to rise slightly in sheer bewilderment.

“Good job, Tanya, you’re completely screwed…” she thought to herself.

It was then that she looked over at Prithushan’s laptop screen, and noticed that his screen saver was his name in bright purple letters, bouncing back and forth, with the background set to a personal “selfie”.

Instinctively, Tanya pointed at his laptop screen, and Prithushan began to laugh in embarrassment.

“Oh, right…uhh, I guess my sister must’ve set that as my screen saver,” he chuckled, awkwardly.

“No worries, man. I just didn’t want you to think I was some creep. You know how some Tamil people are on facebook these days,” Tanya replied in her deepest tone.

Prithushan laughed.

The lecture room was nearly full, as the clock struck 2:30 pm. It was a lot more crowded than Tanya’s last class. She assumed it was because this course, Biological Processes, was taken by various faculties and not limited to just Arts and Science (e.g. Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Kinesiology).

Tanya froze.

“Kinesiology…” she muttered to herself in shock.

It was then that Dr. Karler, the professor, entered the lecture hall. She was a short woman, wearing a grey sweater with a green clover leaf sewn onto the front. She had an abundant amount of grey hair, and looked as if she was in her late 60s. She slowly walked into the room, while Claire Vijayananthan stood next to her.

“Psst! That’s my girl,” Prithushan whispered to Tanya, leaning over.

Tanya could feel her stomach lurch, angrily.

Dr. Karler secured her microphone piece, and began to speak.

“Hello everyone! My name, as many of you should know, is Dr. Karler. I will be your professor this term, teaching you all there is to know about Biological Processes. As I’m a bit new to the King’s University campus, I got lost on my way here! Who would’ve thought a little old lady like me could ever get lost in a big place like this? Haha! Well, this sweet, little darling showed me how to get to the lecture room in a jiffy! I think she deserves a round of applause,” Dr. Karler announced.

The class began to clap awkwardly, as Claire took a bow.

Tanya rolled her eyes, but suddenly froze when she noticed Prithushan waving Claire over to him. She looked to her left, and noticed an empty seat between herself and Prithushan. She knew exactly what would happen if Claire took a seat next to her. Tanya began to imagine the possibility of Claire blowing Tanya’s cover in front of, not only Prithushan, but the entire lecture room. She knew that Claire surely wouldn’t fall for her pitiful disguise.

As Claire began to climb up the stairs to reach their row, Tanya knew it was time to pounce. She could hear the theme song from Mission Impossible begin to play in the background, as she executed her nearly-impossible plan.

As Prithushan was still distracted by his beloved girlfriend, Tanya yanked up her baggy jeans, grabbed her bag and rolled gracelessly underneath the desk.

She stopped to listen, and ensured that Prithushan hadn’t noticed.

Tanya crawled underneath the desk, making sure to keep one hand tightly gripped on her jeans, in order to prevent anyone from seeing her polka-dotted under garments. She could here Claire in the background, as she embraced Prithushan in a tight hug.

“OH EM GEE! I didn’t know you were in this class, hubby!” Claire said, in her repulsive voice.

Tanya rolled her eyes, and continued to crawl towards the back doors of the lecture room. She was surprised that she had gone this far unnoticed.

Realizing that this entire disguise idea was a mistake, she decided to book it for the doors as soon as she got close enough. She could hear Prithushan’s voice faintly in the background.

“Where the heck did Thanyan go?!” he asked.

As soon as the lecture doors closed behind her, Tanya began running down the empty hallway, hoping to be home soon, so she could get rid of this idiotic disguise.

“Why did I ever think this was a good idea?” she thought to herself.

In her haste, however, she tripped on her bulky boots.

Time slowed down.

Clutching at the air, she hurtled towards the ground. She could feel her snap-back fly off her head, and into the air. Her tight bun began to untangle, and her hair shook free.

“Aiyooo, my back!” she yelped, as she hit the ground. Her baggy jeans were now out of her tight grip, exposing her polka-dotted undergarments. She looked like a hot mess.

She turned around, facing the ceiling, hoping that no one was around to witness such a disaster. It was then, however, that she saw a man standing above her.

To be continued…

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



Thagsana Rangarajan is in her final year of a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories and hopes to publish a novel in the future. 

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