Arts and Culture Council of CTYA proudly announces Thaalam 2012

Arts and Culture Council of CTYA proudly announces Thaalam 2012: An Inter-University/College Dance Competition

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
April 12, 2012

Lights. Music. Curtains. Action! On June 24, 2012, over 300 talented youth artists from various Canadian cities, including Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa and Montreal will come together to perform at the second annual Thaalam Dance Competition at Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s John Bassett Theatre. After Thaalam 2011’s hit show, it’s a must see performance!

Hosted by the Arts and Culture Council of CTYA and various college and university Tamil Students’ Associations, Thaalam was initiated in order to foster Canadian youth talent in the arts while instilling a broader appreciation for dance as an art. In addition to putting on a great memorable show, the Arts and Culture Council of CTYA was able to raise $10, 000 towards the initiation of a youth recreation center for Tamil youth.

“Thaalam 2011 was a night filled with energy, excitement, mind blowing performances, and most of all, showed the unity that exists between the Tamil students from various institutions. The Arts and Culture Council of CTYA is proud to announce that Thaalam is back for another exciting year. We are honoured to be working with the Tamil Students’ Associations once again, encouraging our youth to pursue what they are passionate about, while giving back to the community,” expressed Geanany Rasanathan, Board of Director of Arts and Culture Council.

The participating teams and participants are eagerly awaiting Thaalam 2012.

“After seeing Thaalam’s success last year, McMaster is very excited to participate for 2012. We are ready to showcase what our school has to offer, and we anticipate the competition!”
– Delton Anton, MacFlow

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.” – Hopi Indian Saying
Nothing can describe the Montreal Maniacs better than this. We are here because we love dancing and nothing gives us greater pleasure than showcasing what we love. Though we may struggle, nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. We strive together as a team to become better dancers, teammates and individuals. We exist to keep our community united but that won’t stop us from reaching out to other groups to experience what the beauty of dance has to offer. Dance is a universal language; it has the power to bring everyone together. Don’t expect us to be passive, we are powerful. We’re crazy and be warned, our enthusiasm is contagious. This is going to be an amazing year for Thaalam and the Montreal Maniacs. It was an amazing experience last year, and it will be again this year.”
– Montreal Maniacs

“The Titans are extremely excited to take part in Thaalam 2012. We’ve gained a lot of new students who joined the university and the dance team with the intent of taking part in this dance competition. Just like every other year we’re really looking forward to see what the other schools have to bring to the table. We are also happy to be a part of building the recreation center, which our people can utilize to enhance, their skills in visual arts, photography, film, music and dance to another level. Good luck to all teams and see you all June 24th from The Titans.”
– Majuran Kulendran, Oshawa Titans

“Ryerson Royalty and Rye TSA are excited to participate in this year’s Thaalam dance competition. Thaalam gives our dancers a great platform to showcase their talents and passion towards dance. As a team, we have built a strong bond over the years. We are looking forward to use this strong bond to put together a winning team and a winning performance. We have participated in many dance events over the years and have gained valuable experience. As a team we would like to thank Ryerson TSA for their hard efforts to make sure the team needs are fulfilled. We are looking forward to helping CTYA in their charity work towards the community and benefitting the future for the Tamil youth. We are wishing the best of luck to all the dance teams and we are thrilled to showcase and preserve our Tamil culture.”
– Ryerson Royalty

“On behalf of UTM, we would like to thank CTYA for providing us with such a great opportunity. We wish all the teams participating in Thaalam the best of luck and hope that we can all take dance and creativity to a whole new level. In good spirit, y’all better giddee up because the UTM Stallions are coming through!”
– Abbi Thedshanamoorthy & Ajani Asokumar, UTM Stallion

“We are more than excited and thrilled to be competing again for Thaalam 2012. With more schools participating this year, we are expecting the competition to be a lot more exciting and that every school will be stepping up their game. The additional factor of Thaalam is the contribution we are able to make for the rec[creation] center being built. We hope that this rec[creation] center serves as a place for Tamil youths to meet new people and to stay out of trouble. Thanks CTYA for making this possible and good luck to the other schools competing for Thaalam 2012!”
– Nissa Varithevan, UTSC Assassins

“UTSG enjoyed participating last year and is ready to see what the competition has in store for us this year.”
– Vithooshan Ganesanathan, UTSG Phoniex

“Last year CTYA put together an amazing, artistic as well as sportsmanship encompassing dance competition that collaborated Tamil youth across universities and colleges. As we took the stage, the York Huskies put on a breathtaking performance and we walked off as champions. Not only have we strengthened as a team this year with new additions but we have also grown together as individual dancers as well. We look forward to an even better showcase of talent this year! Good luck to all dancers and teams at Thaalam 2012!”
– Janani Thanabalasingam, York/Seneca Huskies

The Arts and Culture Council of CTYA is responsible for creating an environment for youth that is inspiring and conductive of self-expression through the arts and culture. Among its key objectives are the improvement, re-orientation and expansion of programs that promote the arts and Tamil culture to Canadian Tamil youth and the broader Canadian community.

The Arts and Culture Council of CTYA is proud to announce that all profits generated from Thaalam 2012 will be allocated towards the building of a youth recreation center for Tamil youth. For further information regarding the dance competition, please feel free to contact CTYA’s Arts and Culture Council at or 647-865-CTYA (2892).

Thaalam is a joint youth effort currently endorsed by the following University/College TSAs:

Team Name: MacFlow (McMaster University students partnering with Mohawk College Students)
Signed by: Mayu Jeyakumar, President, Tamil Students Association at McMaster University

Team Name: Montreal Maniacs (Montreal CEGEPs and Universities)
Signed by: Montreal Maniacs

Team Name: Ryerson Royalty (Ryerson University students partnering with George Brown College students)
Signed by: Thineshwaran Ravindrarajah, President, Tamil Students Association at Ryerson University

Team Name: UTM Stallions (University of Toronto,Mississauga Campus students)
Signed by: Ajani Asokumar, President, Tamil Students Association at U of T Mississauga

Team Name: UTSC Assassins (University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus students)
Signed by: Vithurren Sivaloganathan, President, Tamil Students Association at U of T Scarborough

Team Name: UTSG Phoenix (University of Toronto, St. George Campus students)
Signed by: Gowthaman Kurusamy, President, Tamil Students Association at U of T St. George

Team Name: Oshawa Titans (University of Ontario Institute of Technology students)
Signed by: Archana Vivekanantham, President, Tamil Students Association at UOIT

Team Name: YUTSA/SENECA Huskies (York University students partnering with Seneca College students)
Signed by: Purushothaman Kugarajah, President, Tamil Students Association at York University

Mark your calendars!

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