Volunteer Callout! Top Talents Awards Gala 2012

The Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA) will be holding its third annual Top Talents Awards Gala on Sunday December 30, 2012. For the past two years, CTYA has recognized youth talent within the Tamil community, and have granted bursaries to further youth development. Through this Awards Gala, CTYA will be celebrating the many Top Talents within Canadian Tamil youth. This event will not only recognize individuals for their excellence in their respective fields, but it will also serve as a ceremony of inspiration whereby other individuals will also get encouraged to pursue and showcase their own talents.

We are calling upon volunteers to assist in the preparations of Top Talents 2012. Volunteers will work with the event coordinators and assist in many exciting challenges! Volunteer hours will be provided. We look forward to working with excited and committed volunteers in putting together an unforgettable Gala!

To volunteer, please email us at info@ctya.org. Any questions or comments regarding Top Talents can also be directed to info@ctya.org


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