UTSG TSA – Dodge for Change!

A message from University of Toronto- St.George Tamil Students Association:

Want to play a great game just before exams start? Want to relieve stress right before you go into full hardcore study mode? Look no further because UTSG TSA is here once again to provide you with the perfect de-stresser!

We are pleased to announce that Friday March 30th 2012, from 7 – 9 pm at Hart House, we will be hosting the first annual CHARITY DODGEBALL tournament.

You may enter as a team (which includes 6 players) or by yourself and we will put you in a team with other individual entrants. Fees will be $25 per team or $5 per individual.

So, get ready to dodge and get ready to throw because the competition is getting ready. See you all there!

The charity that we have chosen this year is SAAAC, the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre.This is an incredible charity that works to provide a safe and caring community for children affected with ASD through unique programs and services aimed at helping participants realize their talents and full potential.

We are very pleased to support SAAAC in fulfilling their vision, and WE HOPE YOU ALL JOIN US IN PLAY AND IN HELPING OUT A GREAT CAUSE!

More information about the charity can be found at their site: http://saaac.org/.

Tournament will be played round robin style so there’s will be plenty of games to be played and plenty to be cheering for.

This tournament is open to all University of Toronto students.

For updates, changes or more information, please visit their Facebook Event Page here.


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