Uncovering the Truth

By: Athithan Kurukulasingam

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New evidence has surfaced surrounding the murder of LTTE News Reporter and singer Isaipriya also known to many as Shoba. The Sri Lankan government has been steadfast in their statements claiming that Isaipriya died in battle; however, this new piece of evidence uncovered by the Channel 4 team shines light into uncovering the real truth. Footage attained by Channel 4 show Isaipriya alive and unharmed in the custody of Sri Lankan soldiers. The footage then shows her bound and dead with visual signs of sexual torture. A woman who surrendered and was in the custody of soldiers clearly lived out the final moments of her life in pain, without humility and most importantly not with the level of dignity that is acceptable by any standard. There are clears signs of human rights violations that cannot be dismissed.

The Sri Lankan government cannot just ignore this new piece of evidence; however, it isn’t difficult to pinpoint their next steps. From a historically standpoint, the government follows certain procedures when it comes to these matters. They acknowledge the fact that such evidence exists, they come out with an official statement saying that these new allegations are just that, allegations. They will say that it has been doctored, fabricated or somehow misinterpreted. This level of ownership is not acceptable by any standard but it’s the sad fate that we have to deal with. The murder of Isaipriya is a clear human rights violation and the government has to own up to it. The timing of this new video forces the hands of many political leaders around the world. The nearing commonwealth summit which features many world leaders is being hosted this year by Sri Lanka. Our own Prime Minister in a bold stand is boycotting the summit and has urged others to do so as well. The murder of Isaipriya and the human rights violations will force these leaders to make statements in lieu of the new evidence and it will also call on Sri Lanka to provide some sort of explanation that is acceptable in the eyes of the world. Sri Lankan officials have been caught doing what they have denied for so long and that is committing clear human rights violations.

The murder of Isaipriya is one among the many that the Sri Lankan officials have committed. Isaipriya is well known figure amongst the Tamil community; however, her murder sadly was not a unique incident. Many Tamil females suffered the same fate as Isaipriya, unfortunately their stories of pain and suffering never came to light. We must not forget those countless others who suffered similarly to Isaipriya, her wishes would be to obtain justice for all. A massive investigation must take place to uncover the truth for all who suffered alongside Isaipriya. Video footage from the past has shown an alarming similarity between her murder and those of countless others. The capture of Tamil people who are alive and well who then end up bound, mutilated and dead. They faced execution style killings without being given the chance to live. Prisoners of war have the right to face trial and the chance of repatriation according to the Third Geneva Convention (The United Nations Foundation, 1949). Sri Lanka has been known to commit atrocities when it comes to human rights violations. There seems to be a systematic method in the way these killings take place. Such violations cannot go without  punishment. It is up to the international community to force the Sri Lankan government to act on these war crimes and the people who committed these crimes should be held accountable for their actions.



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