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iceWritten By: Kayalvizhi J.
When my brother was a child his word was ‘Akka.’  He would say Akka in this super cute way. With his chubby cheeks and bubbly self, he was the cutest little brother anyone could have. Yesterday, I told him a few of the many stories of him as a baby – from the way he would imitate Rajanikanth punch dialogues, to the way he would always cry to be held if he saw my sister or I, and of time he would hide behind us if he was afraid. Now that he is a grown teenager, far taller than me, he laughs when we tell him these stories.
Last night, my father, my mother, my brother and I stayed up just rehashing these old family memories – and I must say, it was very enjoyable. It was really something we did because my dad could not watch TV, my mom could not cook, my brother could not play his video games, and I could not use my laptop. While the blackout was a huge inconvenience, it brought us all together. We sat and talked, and had a good time doing so. Technology has become such a huge part of our lives that our reliance on technology has divided us. We are all electronically connected through social media, but our face-to-face interaction has decreased. Spending time with family is important. The bond of family, culture, and values can only survive through family time, and we need to make undivded time regularily to spend with our families. We sometimes forget that in the end, we work to spend quality time with family, but we work too hard that we don’t spend enough time with our loved ones. 
There is nothing that brings people together like a crisis. The togetherness of family, the care and love everyone has for one another is most evident in times of crisis. The way a relative cares for whether you ate, the way a friend calls to see whether you have a safe place to sleep, all show you that you have people who love and care for you. We often take for granted the good people we have in our lives, but in times of crisis, we see who cares really. While this storm brought down electricity, heat and water, it brought with it gave us something invaluable – a provided us an opportunity to show our families and friends how much we care. It provided us an opportunity to bond with our families. Christmas has always been a big deal in my family, but this year, I feel like the blackout has brought together the real spirit of Christmas – family and love.

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