Tips to stay warm during the cold freeze

An extreme cold warning has been issued by Environment Canada for most of Southern Ontario with an incoming cold arctic air mass. Temperatures are expected to drop to -30 Celsius or below with wind chill on Wednesday. Make sure to be prepared to reduce your chances of getting frostbites or hypothermia!

Here are some tips to stay warm:

1) Wear an under-layer of clothing. This is an additional layer of clothing underneath your normal clothing which can include leggings, socks, shirts, etc. Avoid materials made of cotton as they absorb moisture, making you feel cold. Synthetic materials are typically recommended.

2) Cover your extremities. Ensure to cover your head with a hat, your hands with gloves, your neck with a scarf, and your feet with appropriate winter footwear. You will lose heat from any exposed skin.

3) Keep moving. Your body will dissipate heat the more active you are, thereby keeping you warm. Wiggle your hands and/or toes once in a while if you will be outside for a prolonged period of time.

4) Keep dry. Wet clothing will make you lose heat at a quicker rate.

5) Warm beverages. Drink a warm beverage after being out in the cold to warm you up.

6) Winter emergency kits. If you are driving, always ensure you have an emergency kit available in your vehicle in the case of a vehicle breakdown. The kit should include blankets, food, water, dry clothing, and a first-aid kit.

7) Bring your pets inside. Do not leave your pets outside. They are also susceptible to frostbites and hypothermia.

8) Check on the vulnerable. Check up on elderly neighbours or relatives who may be more vulnerable to cold weather. Some people experience worse symptoms of respiratory illnesses during extremely cold weather.


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