Thornless Rose

Written by: Mathusaan G.



The thornless rose
Lied in the field
Surrounded by those
Who became her shield

These lost souls
Came for this flower
But at large tolls
Lost their power

Then came he
The warrior of yonder
Who came to see
This flower and ponder

Why would any want a rose
Which only has beauty
And has none of those
Thorns of cruelty

For that imperfection
Gave what it needed
For with that protection
It would have succeeded

For a perfect object
Is very boring
Not a single insect
Would be soaring

So the warrior left
To find a rose
With no thorns theft
And the thornless rose was lost forever in the field of souls


mathusanMathusaan is an Engineering Student at Ryerson University. He has been writing poems since the age of 14 which has allowed him to disclose emotion and views in an oblique manner. He is influenced by events that have transpired around him. 

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