Thoondal: Shall I compare thee…?

Thoondal: Shall I compare thee…?


As a society, we evaluate ourselves in comparison to others around us. We use our evaluations to motivate ourselves towards achieving our respective goals. Our parents compare us with our cousins and friends in the hopes that such comparison will cause improvement and success. Our friends compare us to remind us of our value, our unique talents and traits. Our partners compare us with others to encourage a more compromising attitude. We all make these comparisons, in our respective roles, but we complain when we find ourselves in the position of the one being compared. Why? What is it about being compared to someone else that irks us?

As individuals, each one of us strives to be unique, to stand out in one way or another, and being compared challenges that. But there is more, isn’t there? We detest being criticized, and we dislike being inferior to another. The world we live in is a competitive one, and we find ourselves striving to be better than the others in all walks of life.

Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ theory must have really hit home, and as unfriendly as it may seem, there really is no harm in competing. After all, we do reach our personal bests by trying to be better than another, and by combining that with strong leadership and teamwork, we are indeed able to achieve success. Personal goals are set higher, and individuals are more likely to reach them.

Therefore, maintain a sense of competition amongst your classmates or workmates at all times, but don’t lose control and keep it friendly. A well-managed competitive attitude can result in wonders for your entire team!


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