The Destruction of peace

Choirs melodically through bleeding ears
Eyes strain open as each blink burns as though in flames
Fingers dig into dirt, palms ripping against sharp stones
Torn flesh sizzles beneath scorching sun
Very much alive, yet dying inside
The truth quivers against dry hardened lips
Silence halts above loud explosions
Keeps the rest of the world unaware and quiet
Real atrocities painted blank
Love is broken down into a colourless hate
Evil snakes between ankles threatening a fall
Ignorance strangeling throats,but no enough to die
A battle against a cold hearted force
Salted wounds become painless
Question marks engraved after every second
To be alive or dead…what is the difference
To have no voice, all screams become silenced
To have no chance, no choice
survival is only a distant dream
To Live is an unrealistic illusion
To smile is incompatible with all feelings
Laughter is a foreign sound that is swept away in pleaing cries
Trapped in darkness with the sun up high
deserted in sorrow with no way home
waiting for tomorrow, another day and night alone
by: EnnaDa- Kiruthika Thusyanthan

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