Thazhumbakam Launches Mobile Exhibitions for May 2013!

April 27, 2013
Human Rights Advocacy Council of CTYA

Thazhumbakam (Tamil Genocide Memorial Museum) will be launching its mobile exhibitions in May 2013. These exhibitions will be aimed at educating the general public of the crimes against humanity inflicted upon the Tamil people during May 2009, as part of the ongoing structural genocide perpetrated by the successive Sri Lankan governments. Exhibits will be held in various locations in Canada throughout the month of May as an initial stage of Thazhumbakam.

Through Thazhumbakam, we strive to broaden public understanding of the history of the Tamil Genocide through comprehensive programs: exhibitions, research and publication, collecting and preserving material evidence, art and artifacts related to the Tamil genocide, distribution of educational materials and resources; and a variety of public programming designed to enhance understanding of the Tamil Genocide and related issues. Through the launch of the mobile exhibitions, we hope to further educate and raise awareness of the Tamil Genocide and cultivate a sense of moral responsibility among our citizens to respond to crimes against humanity.

The Human Rights Advocacy council aims to build the capacity of Canadian Tamil youth by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to advocate for the protection of human rights in Canada and abroad. This council will strive to not only uphold international law and the Geneva conventions, but also educate our youth and the broader Canadian society about the ongoing plight of Tamil people.


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