Tamileelam Challenge Cup – Volleyball 2015


The battle to crown the new Tamileelam Challenge Cup Champion is fast arriving as the Athletics Council of CTYA will be hosting the 2015 Volleyball Tamil Eelam Challenge Cup. The tournament is open to everyone and we are having a call out of teams from 6 to 10 players. To register a team, please email: athletics@ctya.org or contact 416.428.8467. The last day to register is Sunday, April 19th 2015.

The Tamileelam Challenge Cup also presents an opportunity to maintain our identity through sports.  It is an excellent way to promote our youth and showcase their talents.  To further encourage the Tamil identity, the awards for best players of the tournament will be given under the names of national symbols of Tamil Eelam; Vaahai being the national Tree; Siruththai being the national animal; and Chenbagam being the national bird.

CTYA’s Athletics Council seeks to provide Canadian Tamil youth with an avenue to develop their leadership skills through athletics and recreational programs. The aim of this council is to educate through athletics, promote outstanding sportsmanship and build team spirit.

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