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Tamileelam Challenge Cup – Soccer 2013 Awards and Results!

By Admin - September 4th, 2013

Tamileelam Challenge Cup – Soccer 2013 Awards and Results!

On Saturday August 31st, the Athletics Council of Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance in partnership with Canadian Tamil Sports Association (CTSA) hosted the 5th Annual Tamileelam Challenge Cup – Soccer 2013. The event was a great success as many teams came out to participate and there was an overwhelming amount of support from fans. Everyone was really excited about the competition and all the teams were intensely enthusiastic about performing their best and showcasing their skills, dedication, and hard work in an effort to be crowned the next champions.

CTYA would like to congratulate and recognize all the participating teams. Everyone played with great team spirit and sportsmanship and made the 5th Annual Tamileelam Challenge Cup – Soccer 2013 an event to remember. We would also like to give special recognition and congratulations to Jarvis Football Club for their great work and for winning the title as the Tamileelam Challenge Cup – Soccer 2013 Champions!

The Under 16 tournament was exciting to watch as the Seelan Rangers Football Club competed against the Theepan 15 Football Club. It was an absolute thrilling game and after a hard match, Seelan Football Club came out and took the Under 16 Tamileelam Challenge Cup home. The Men’s games were also quite entertaining to watch. The Jarvis Football Club had played against Scarborough Rangers Football Club and after a well-played game; the Jarvis Football Club came out victorious and won the 2013 Tamileelam Challenge Cup!!!

All of the teams displayed a great level of sportsmanship. It was great to see everyone get inspired by the games and by one another. The sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, and hard work that was displayed by the teams was admirable. Everyone enjoyed the games and the award ceremony was a great way to recognize the talent of the participating youth. It was a great event and now everyone’s looking forward to the next tournament!

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