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Thangachi’s Corner: What is your background?

By Editor - February 27th, 2015

Thangachi's Corner: What is your background?

Where am I from?

That’s the question I posed my grade four’s last week when one of the girls walked in at the beginning of the period, readily prepared to burst into tears.

And it’s certainly a problematic question, isn’t it? After all, by “from”, I could be referring to the geographical location from which I arrived to Canada. Or perhaps I mean the country from which my parents immigrated here. It’s an altogether tricky question, especially when taking into consideration a rather diverse community made up of various cultures, languages and religious beliefs.

Thulirkal – Entrepreneur, Aynka Satkunananthan

By Editor - February 20th, 2015

Thulirkal - Entrepreneur, Aynka Satkunananthan

Aynka Satkunananthan is a serial entrepreneur living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the founder of Ankit Designs (web, print, & design), Co-founder of AlterEgo Beats (clothing, music management & production), Co-founder of K.I.S.S. Hosting (website domain & hosting services), and Lead Designer at MyVerse (free online resource for teens). Aynka is a creative thinking advocate and is always emphasizing the importance of being analytical.

Aynka is a proud Ryerson University Entrepreneurship Alumni, and attests a lot of his understanding in business to the relationships he’s built through Ryerson. He is currently managing multiple businesses, but is always looking for ways to give back. He is obsessed with finding and adopting technologies that promote self-growth, and make life easier. He enjoys helping others, and is always looking to do just that whether it’s with a new venture, or just lending a hand.

Hybrid Dancer, Meshach Anujan Asokan

By Editor - February 15th, 2015

Hybrid Dancer, Meshach Anujan Asokan

Today’s #TalentTuesday showcases Canadian Tamil talent Meshach Anujan Asokan, seen in the videos below, who performs complex and unique styles of dances – mastering genres like gaana, hiphop, reggae, etc.

This production was created by Tamil youth, support and encourage their talents by providing them with your feedback!

Eppo En Kaathal Solla, Gobiraj and Lefanta

By Editor - February 9th, 2015

Eppo En Kaathal Solla, Gobiraj and Lefanta

Here’s another addition to Steve Cliff’s MeloFunk Music Production where Canadian Tamil musical talents shine!

Singers: Gobiraj Sivalingam & Lefanta Anthonipillai
Music: Steve Cliff
Guitar: Suren Thavabalan
Keyboard: Kirishan Suresh
Drums: Arasan Singaraj

But…you don’t look Tamil!

By Editor - January 30th, 2015 don't look Tamil!

When you tell me “you’re pretty for a dark skin girl,” you’re telling me that you are saddened by the bronze pigmentation that automatically depreciates my features. You’re telling me the forms of structural violence embedded within Eurocentric standards of beauty are justified every time my reflection hits a mirror. You’re telling me that I am an exception to your view of darker skinned girls to be despicably unattractive. You’re telling me that the already existing inferiority complex that I’ve developed from such a young age is completely valid. You’re telling me that this statement shouldn’t make me feel uncomfortable and that in fact, you’re complimenting me regardless of the mistake in the colour of my skin.

Chronicles of a Tamil Freshman – Part 2

By Editor - January 25th, 2015

Chronicles of a Tamil Freshman - Part 2

“Damn it,” she thought. She knew she had a habit of doing clumsy things, and being given the top bunk would just add fuel to the fire. “What if I roll over one night, and fall flat on my face? Or, what if I gain so much weight that I break the bed and crush Eliza?” She began to imagine an obese version of herself, dressed in black, attending Eliza’s funeral. She pictured her tombstone reading: “Crushed to death by fat Tamil”.

Trying not to think about it, she began unpacking her luggage, and found the container of her mother’s infamous chicken biryani. “I’ll save this baby for tonight,” she thought. She put away her clothes and supplies in her assigned dresser, and organized her binders and notebooks for the first day of classes tomorrow. “I think that’s it,” Tanya thought to herself. She began digging through the rest of her luggage to see if she’d forgotten anything. She felt something underneath one of the folds, and pulled out a few packets of Fair and Lovely. “Jeez, thanks Amma,” Tanya muttered, as she threw the packets into the garbage bin underneath her desk.

My Mother …

By Admin - October 5th, 2013

My Mother ...

Written by: Gayathiri Sivakumar

When I was a little girl, my mother told me that if I studied well, maintained my fair skin, and was a ‘good’ girl, did not talk to boys, I would land myself a Prince. She said, if I grew up with how she suggested, then everyone would want to marry me. I dutifully followed her command, after all, I wanted to ensure that I married a Prince. I maintained my A-student status, I stayed out of the sun, I was polite, obedient and meek, and I hardly talked to boys (unless it was school-related).Until I was in high school that is. It was then at some point, where I felt like I was not living my own life. It felt like I was living out my mother’s life. I felt entrapped, although I was a young teenager, here I was, pretending to be someone I was really not. This feeling was really brought on when my mother began to parade me around to the community, letting them know what a catch I was. But it was all superficial. I met boys like myself, successful, but unhappy. Puppets really. I felt like how Jeyam Ravi felt in Santhosh Subramanium. I felt I had to please her.

I resented my mother. I blamed her continuously, I felt like she was the cause of my unhappiness. I felt that I lived a sheltered life, one where I was made into a socially awkward person, despite being born in Canada, was because of her repressive nature. I knew nothing of the popular bands, brands, or anything – I was totally forbidden from particiapting in normal activities as such. I felt like I was reprived of life and happiness because of the sheltered life she raised me in.

Tamil Nation Development Council Hosts ImagiNATION: Tamileelam Forward!

By Editor - March 13th, 2013

Tamil Nation Development Council Hosts ImagiNATION: Tamileelam Forward!

imagiNATION – Tamileelam forward is an innovative competition to empower youth and professionals to unite and envision our nation through development projects. Join us on March 24th to hear more about nation development and how you can participate in the challenge. For more information contact

The Word “Tamil”

By Editor - January 12th, 2012

The Word “Tamil”

The meaning of the word Tamil is sweet, beauty and naturalness. This word occurs in the Tholkappiyam, the earliest text written work available in Tamil.

Are you a change maker?

By Editor - January 2nd, 2012

Are you a change maker?

Are you interested in creating change? Not only change for yourself but for the betterment of a nation… Do you settle for ‘what is’ or do you envision and strive to accomplish ‘what can be’? … Think you have enough ambition and passion for innovation? Then, this is the perfect opportunity for you!