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Remembering Black July

By Editor - July 20th, 2018

Remembering Black July

From July 24th to the 29th of 1983, more than 3,000 Tamils killed and over 150,000 become refugees, many fleeing the country to India and the West. Prison guards allow Sinhalese génocidaires into the wards holding Tamil political prisoners- 53 Tamil political prisoners are tortured and killed.

11th Anniversary of Sencholai Massacre

By Editor - August 14th, 2017

11th Anniversary of Sencholai Massacre

Imagine yourself in a classroom, in the midst of a civil war. You are fearing the worst, but continue your life as a normal day. You head to your all female school and are in the classroom. Around 7:30am, when you are barely awake you hear an aircraft flying above you. You have been taught to duck and seek shelter. However, it is too late. Everything goes dark, and you hear a huge blast. What is it? Am I alive? Can I open my eyes? These questions run through your mind. You open your eyes, and try to move. Your leg is pinned down by a piece of debris.

Remembering Thangathurai’s Speech from the Courthouse Dock

By Editor - March 1st, 2015

Remembering Thangathurai's Speech from the Courthouse Dock

March 1, 2015 marks the 32nd anniversary of the impassioned speech made by Nadarajah Thangathurai from the dock of a courthouse. Thangathurai was arrested in 1982, along with Selvarajah Yogachandran, a.k.a. Kuttimani – both remain important figures in the struggle for Tamil Eelam.

Thangathurai and Kuttimani were among the second batch of Tamil youth who were tried under Sri Lanka’s draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). Modelled after Apartheid South Africa’s Terrorism Act and used by the Apartheid Government to arrest Nelson Mandela and other anti-apartheid militants and activists, the PTA was brought into law by President Jayewardene, with the intention to subdue the strengthening Tamil resistance movement. The PTA still remains in existence today and is now used to arrest anyone who dares to speak out against Sri Lankan state oppression.

A Critical Analysis – Nation, Homeland, and Self-determination

By Editor - February 15th, 2015

A Critical Analysis - Nation, Homeland, and Self-determination

The liberation struggle of Tamil Eelam focuses on three basic fundamental principles: nation, homeland and self-determination. In layman’s term: Nation identifies the Eelam Tamil people as a distinct ethnic group on the island, homeland refers to the physical space occupied by the Eelam Tamil population for centuries and self-determination refers to the political autonomy that is vested within the people. Therefore, these words are not something that we ask ownership to but it’s naturally inherent to the Eelam Tamil struggle. To destroy the liberation movement, the Sri Lankan government has to effectively dismantle these three principles from history, present and ensure it never permeates into the future. The founding fathers of Sri Lanka were clever when they built the Sri Lankan state because they made these concepts exclusive to Sri Lankans by basing the state on chauvinist Sinhala-Buddhist ideology. To understand the fundamental principles, we also need to understand how the Sri Lankan state is structured to preserve Sinhala ideology while destroying the inherent principles of the Eelam struggle.

Get involved, Real War is Just Beginning : Dr.Brian Senewiratne

By Editor - March 20th, 2010

Get involved, Real War is Just Beginning : Dr.Brian Senewiratne

I have never seen such a result in any poll on any subject anywhere in the world. To say that the overwhelming number of expatriate Tamils want a separate State, Tamil Eelam, would be a gross understatement. Despite my involvement in this over many years, I was taken aback by the result. It is a colonial construct [the State of Sri Lanka] that has failed. All that the Tamils are asking for, and what these current Referenda have endorsed overwhelmingly, is that this failed colonial construct be dismantled.