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All Kinds of Squats!

By Editor - November 13th, 2015

All Kinds of Squats!

“Time and time again, I can’t help but notice members at the gym performing exercises with improper form. I don’t mean to be the form police, but I can’t even begin to stress how important form is! By using the correct form, you can prevent unnecessary strain on muscles that are not meant to be the focus of that specific exercise as well as added pressure on joints.”

RFT: Iron in Heels – Let’s Get Started!

By Editor - April 10th, 2015

RFT: Iron in Heels - Let's Get Started!

Why do I even bother putting myself through this? Forcing myself to finally leave the change room, my mind narrows in on the path leading to the least intimidating machine next to the fragile, old woman, blurring out all that surround it. There I stand, fidgeting with the machine that this old woman used with ease, but I finally get it started! For the next hour, I speed walk on this treadmill, just analyzing the environment of the gym. Tomorrow I will find myself on this same machine – it’s now, the one thing in this place that I can use without the fear of looking clueless.

This was once something, I too, had felt when I started going to the gym. Let it be known, the fear that comes with entering a new environment is inevitable. However, that fear can be diminished by speaking to someone that frequents a gym or educating yourself with what a gym has to offer, its equipment and how it impacts your body. This can help mentally prepare those first timers and make your first experience one that doesn’t turn you off of your initial goals.