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Interior Designer, Subi Shehaan

By Editor - April 21st, 2015

Interior Designer, Subi Shehaan

This week on Talent Tuesday, we have Subi Shehaan! She is the founder of Design Contours (DC Interiors) established in 2008 which specializes in interior designing, home staging, and renovations in Toronto. Her company is catered towards residential owners – simple residential room decor to large interior renovations and basement finishing.

Thulirkal – Entrepreneur, Aynka Satkunananthan

By Editor - February 20th, 2015

Thulirkal - Entrepreneur, Aynka Satkunananthan

Aynka Satkunananthan is a serial entrepreneur living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the founder of Ankit Designs (web, print, & design), Co-founder of AlterEgo Beats (clothing, music management & production), Co-founder of K.I.S.S. Hosting (website domain & hosting services), and Lead Designer at MyVerse (free online resource for teens). Aynka is a creative thinking advocate and is always emphasizing the importance of being analytical.

Aynka is a proud Ryerson University Entrepreneurship Alumni, and attests a lot of his understanding in business to the relationships he’s built through Ryerson. He is currently managing multiple businesses, but is always looking for ways to give back. He is obsessed with finding and adopting technologies that promote self-growth, and make life easier. He enjoys helping others, and is always looking to do just that whether it’s with a new venture, or just lending a hand.