Written by: Renishaki Kamalanathan

Red is seen on the land I have run to.
Red is the floods on the land I have run from.
Red is the flower I see worn to commemorate the 11th.
Red is the flower I saw in gardens to commemorate the 27th.
Red is there, Red is here.
Trickling red waters there, only clear showers here.
Hide and seek on the daily (there). Played with joy fairly(here).
One day I was scared of being scared again but it left a scar on my mother land.
A scar of much pain, darkness and hopelessness it happened again, and again.
The devil sought faith amongst my kind and decided to betray rather than challenge on final time.
The fifth rolled along as days were counted down to victory but instead it was another repeated, bloodshed history.
History, lest we forget. Brothers and sisters, lest we forget. Massacre 2009. lest we forget.

May 2012 will mark the third year remembrance of the Tamil genocide. As part of remembering May Massacre, we as a community take the time to remember the victims massacred and heal together as a community. By continuing to voice our stories, opinions, and facts, we are moving on a path that will enable us to get justice for the lost lives. Click here to read more about May Massacre

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