Personal Excellence

By: Janarthan Sadacharalingam

Any athlete knows the effects of positive thinking and focus.  It pushes them to achieve great short and long term goals.  Staying positive and pushing out the distractions and obstacles to attaining your goals is part of confidence building.

Terry Orlick is a world renowned leader in the applied field of sport psychology, mental training and excellence.  In his book, ‘Pursuit of Excellence,’ he mentions positive focus reminders to help you in your ongoing pursuit of personal excellence.  Consider these focus positive reminders:

  • I am in control of my thinking, my focus, my life.
  • I am a good, valued person in my own right.
  • I control my focus and therein direct the whole pattern of my performance, health, and life.
  • I am fully capable of achieving the goals that I set for myself.  They are within my control.
  • I control the step in front of me by focusing fully on that step.
  • I am fully capable of focusing through adversity and staying on a positive path.
  • I learn from setbacks and turn them into positive opportunities for personal growth.
  • I embrace lessons from my experience and act on those lessons.
  • My powerful mind and body are one.  I free them to excel.
  • Every day in some way I am better, wiser, more adaptable, more focused, more confident, and more in control.
  • I choose to live life fully.
  • I choose to excel.
  • What I decide, I become.
  • (Orlick, 2008, p. 158)

Be creative, stick this as a note in your bedroom wall, in your desktop wall paper or somewhere you can see it daily.  These suggestions are not just intended for athletes but anyone who has positive goals in life.  If you want to learn more on this, read Pursuit of Excellence by Terry Orlick, it’s a great book and bound to give you the mental edge in achieving your goals.

Orlick, T. (2008). In Pursuit of Excellence: How to win in sport and life through mental training (4th ed.). Windsor: Human Kinetics

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