Our Thai Pongal

Written By: Tharnya Sivanithy

Walk through pools of muddy water
Within the green pleated fields.
The sun radiates its warmth
Encouraging me to carry on
As I bend and pull plants
That were seeds, months before

My wife,
Pours the small brown and white grains
That mother earth and I toiled to make
Into the sizzling mud pot
As the water bubbles and churns
Overflowing with mirth
To ensure our stomach gets filled today

My daughter,
Makes colourful patterns of flowers on the floor
With uncooked rice, in front of the door
As she invites her aunts, uncles and cousins
Into our clean and decorated home

My son,
Sets banana leaves all in a row
And calls our family members to sit
Outside on the porch
He places the food onto the leaves
Causing the aroma of sweets
To swirl up, into the clear skies

We all sit down,
We laugh and we smile.
Before we raise our united hands
To thank the heavens above.

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