Markham Toronto Cricket League Awards Banquet – Another memorable Event for MTCL

A fantastic awards Banquet hosted by Markham Toronto Cricket League (MTCL) concluded the 2011 cricket season.  The event had memorable moments, dances, acknowledgements, and of course the numerous trophies and awards for the players.  Of the many awards, CTYA presented awards for 2010’s and 2011’s Tamileelam Cricket Challenge Cup.

An entrance to the event is all that one needs to feel the good vibe and positive atmosphere.  It was definitely loud for any recipient of an award, guest speakers and acknowledgements of past players.  One of the speakers at the event was Mr. David Mitchell, a regional director in Toronto, he had an inspirational speech.  He mentioned similarities between his Jamaican community and Tamil community, he talked about the importance of community and importance of positive role models within.  Another memorable moment was the acknowledgement  of Nirthananthan Elayathamby for his past accomplishment in cricket in Sri Lanka and his contributions to MCL.  A talented player back in his days, he was shunned from playing at the highest level in Sri Lanka because of his Tamil heritage.  He was given recognition for his contribution to MTCL.  A standing ovation was the icing on the cake at the banquet as the audience erupted with the announcement of his name.

CTYA had a big part in the awards banquet as well.  The Athletics Council of CTYA presented the awards for 2010 and 2011’s Tamileelam Cricket Challenge Cup.  The tournament is looked forward too and respected amongst the Tamil community and teams of MTCL.  Individual awards were given in gold medals.  Below are the team winners and individual winners for both 2010 and 2011.

2010 Tamileelam Cricket Challenge Cup
Champions: B-Town Boyz
Runner-Up: Tamil Friends CC

Batsman of the Tournament – Arun Loganathan of Blazers
Bowler of the Tournament – Kugatheepan Sathananthanesan of Blue Birds
player of the Tournament – Sana Pathmanathan of B-Town Boyz
Best Sportsmanship – Shanjeevan Baskaran of Tamil Friends CC

2011 Tamileelam Cricket Challenge Cup
Champion- Blazerz
Runner-up – Black Cats

Batsman of the Tournament – Ambi of Blazers
Bowler of the Tournament – Suresh P.T of Blazerz
Player of the Tournament – Karthik Muthuraja of Black Cats SC
Best Sportsmanship – Chandru Balachandran of Jaguarz

Congratulations to the winners, they definitely earned it with their hard work.  Markham Toronto Cricket League hosted a fantastic banquet and the audience and supporters were great.  An impressive showing of sportsmanship and  brotherhood was shown here at the event and we all hope to see another great event next year as well!

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