Launch of Canadian Tamil Women’s Congress (CTWC)

On this International Women’s day, an organization called the Canadian Tamil Women’s Congress (CTWC) has launched to advocate for justice, equality and safety for all women. It will provide as a forum for Tamil women to engage in dialogue and advocate for change. Furthermore, CTWC will be working to enhance knowledge and understanding of rights of women and facilitate projects to protect women’s rights.

CTWC believes that Tamil women need to stand united to campaign against the inequality women face in Canada and around the world. CTWC will work with other organizations to empower women and provide a support system for women who are encountering obstacles. Women continue to face several struggles in the private and public spheres that illustrate that sexism, domestic violence and harassment continue to exist in society. This International Women’s Day, CTWC takes an oath to advocate for justice, equality and safety for all women.

“It’s time to make a difference. Every day is International Women’s day. Let’s work together to ensure that the future for females of all ages is bright, equal and safe.”

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