HotDocs: Bloor Cinema to screen ‘No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka’

96 minutes — 18A, Callum Macrae, United Kingdom, 2013


No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka is an investigatory documentary that charts the final weeks of perhaps the most misunderstood conflict of modern time, the Sri Lankan Civil War. This war was conducted in secret with the Sri Lankan government deporting the UN and foreign press reporters from the combat zone. More than 70,000 civilians lost their lives during this 26-year long war, but most of these deaths occurred during illegal government shelling that took place in its final months. No Fire Zone tackles the massive task of documenting the war, uncovering its secrets and providing viewers with a day-by-day breakdown of events. It chronicles the final months of the battle with footage and interviews from both sides of the war. Amazingly, the Sri Lankan government still denies the atrocities committed during this war making Macrae’s film even more important and timely. Robin Smith, Hot Docs

Screening Days and Times:

Friday June 28th at 6:30pm
Saturday June 29th at 9:00pm
Sunday June 30th at 6:00pm
Monday July 1st at 4:00pm
Monday July 1st at 9:00pm
Tuesday July 2nd at 9:30pm
Wednesday July 3rd at 4:00pm
Thursday July 4th at 6:30pm

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