Dear Younger Self

Written By: Dhabisha Kohilanathan


As the two hands on the clock tick away slowly and steadily, we cannot help but utter the infamous “time flies by fast” phrase.

One day, we find ourselves working long hours and being oblivious of time. The next day, we find our lonely selves staring straight into a wall, suddenly conscious of time.

During this reflective moment, we lose our ignorance towards time and ponder over our future, our minds becoming filled with tasks, goals, and dreams. However, the other side of our brain also dozes off to the past, pondering over memories and replaying the good old days.

Sometimes, when I reflect upon my past and compare it to my present time, I cannot help but mutter to myself: “I wish I had known/did this when I was younger.” As much as we cannot go back and change our past, the change we wish to become lies in our very own hands.

Over the past years, I have grasped onto five ideal principles that have allowed my mind and my soul to become more wise and appreciative of life.

1) Do not give your ear to others’ negative words

As cliché as it may sound, do not care about what others think about you.
Looking back, I realize that, as a teenager, I spent a huge amount of time caring about what other people (even strangers) thought of me. This self-consciousness did not allow me to be happy with myself nor be confident, which prevented me from living life at times.

2) Always be strong

Life is not simple. In fact, it is a long learning process that is filled with spontaneous smiles and tears. However, even if your feet slip into large potholes, it is important to always help yourselves up. As soon as you let your guard down, there are people who are ready to take advantage of your weak state. Being brave in your mind and soul will allow you to feel more positive and will scare your enemies away!

3) Be true to those who are true to you

As you grow with age, you realize that it is not about how many friends you have, but how genuine your friends are.
As much as there are people out there who are dishonest and may want to deceive you, there are many individuals who simply want to be your friend! Learning to trust people and letting them in your life is a step of faith – but a step that will be worthwhile. You never know, a simple ‘how are you’ to a stranger might lead you both to being best friends for generations.

4) Climb a step higher to see the stars

My father once told me to surround myself with young individuals who have a passion for life and are constantly on the run to fulfill their dreams.
I realize that this is true, because being around fiery individuals will only fuel you to become a better, hardworking person. Soon, you will dream of things you have never dreamt of and you will achieve goals that you have never thought of achieving. Why aim for the moon, when you can aim for the stars?

5) Be yourself

This is the fundamental truth: Be yourself.
When you are yourself, you will attract the right people into your life. Moreover, the world does not need generic copies of individuals. It needs incredible, unique young people like you. Do not try to fit into the crowd, when you can shine out of the crowd!




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