FIFA 12 Tournament!

CTYA Athletics is hosting its first ever FIFA 12 tournament fundraiser. It will be held on the Playstation 3 console. There will be prize money for first (500$) and second place (250$). It will be 20$ to enter the tournament.

Registration forms are available HERE. We are limiting this tournament to the first 100 people who submit this registration to The 20$ payment can be made at the day of the tournament at the booth before it starts. You may also give in forms the day of the tournament in person but spaces may be limited.

-Fifa 12 will be played on the Playstation 3 console
-Player can bring their own controller (CTYA Athletics council will not be responsible for lost items like controllers)
-One player will control one team; it will be a 1 vs 1 tournament
-Games will commence as exhibitions
-Games will be 10 minutes, 5 minute halves
-2 minutes after each game to setup and start
-Finals will be 14 min games, 7min halves
-The tournament will be held group stage first then knockout phase
-Ties only count as one point in the group stage, ties in knockout stage goes to silver goal than penalty shoot out
-Silver goal will be only 2 min halves
-If opposing players have the same team he/she wants to play with, a coin toss will ensue with the winner of the toss deciding his/her team and the loser picking a team other than the winner
-Players are only to choose club teams (i.e. Arsenal, Barcelona, Dortmund, etc.) not any other type of teams (i.e. Netherlands, World XI, etc.)
-No custom teams, for example having Ronaldo in Barcelona, Neymar in Chelsea etc. All teams used will be default team players in FIFA 12.

Rules of Conduct:
-No profanity, towards an opponent, officials, or viewers
-Continuation of misconduct after warning will lead to immediate disqualification
-If unprofessional or inappropriate behaviour continues, automatic disqualification to the player by game official
-Zero tolerance of alcohol
-No smoking indoors

It is preferred that players arrive at 9:30 am to get the schedule and register.

HERE is the link to the registration form (Word Document). You will need this filled out and given to the booth on the day of to play.

Facebook Event Page:

Dream Life Banquet, 463 McNicoll Ave., Scarborough, ON

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