“Be a Hope for Vulnerable Children – Orphanage Home Opening Dinner

A message from CREP

C REP is proud to open the doors to a caring facility which symbolizes hope to children who are in distress and is in need of a safe, nurturing and secure environment. This home will be offering the highest level of care and enable the children to thrive. C REP will be officially opening the Orphanage home in Vipulananthapuram Mylambavely, Betticolo district on January 19th, 2013. On December 21, 2012, CREP will be holding a dinner to help collect funds for finishing this project. Proceeds from the dinner will be used to complete the orphanage home and its grand opening on January 19th, 2013.
Tickets are $100. Tickets can be purchased through 416-799-5729.

Intended Beneficiaries
The goal of this project is to assist orphans who are living in a nonsafe environment in various parts of Sri Lanka.
This orphans home alone, which is been built in Vipulananthapuram Mylambavely, Betiocclo district will provide a safe enriched home for 100 orphans and realize their full potential through access to quality secondary education and to improve their standard of living.
Objectives of Project
As our value emphasizes, we believe all children deserve the right to be in a safe environment and have equal access to education. This is the most important way for communities and countries to tackle the root causes of poverty; it offers the most viable options for a stronger and better future. The overriding objective of the orphanage home build by C REP is to support orphans and vulnerable children to live a normal life like other children in the country. The overriding objective is supported by the following three specific objectives:
(i) To provide care to the orphans and vulnerable children who do not have parents or guardians to look after them
(ii) To support orphans and vulnerable children attend schools and attain basic education;
(iii) To sensitizing and mobilize the society to support needy orphans and vulnerable children

“BE a Hope for Vulnerable Children – Orphanage home” is a project coordinated by C REP.

Be sure to come out to the dinner and support “BE a Hope for Vulnerable Children – Orphanage home”.


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