A Tribute to the Victims of the Tsunami, 2004

Tsunami - Kalmunai

It started off as any usual morning would, post christmas
the sounds of chatter, laughter, foot steps, voices of children,
of wives, husbands, sisters, brothers,
of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers
all strung together melodically with the constant gush of the shorelines

There was never fear of the shorelines
nor was there fear over waters that fed
nor was there fear over nature that nurtured
nor was there fear over the land that embraced their walking and dancing

But on this day, the waters moved differently
there was an undetectable darkness that hung above them all
and many edged towards the darkness, curiosity driven
and watched departing waters, rise and fall

the waters did return, it sure did
but nobody expected it to return like this
waves taller than them, their homes, even coconut trees
the ocean racing towards them at unstoppable speed
unthinkably wide, mountain high, impossible to breathe
everything they stood on, soon to be buried underneath

The wave swallowed them whole
no mercy to their cries
robbing futures from the children
leaving death and panic in their eyes
these waters that they bathed in
bodies soothed in summer thirst
splashed around in play, how could it be so cursed
wounds are washed in water, to get rid of filth and dirt
but now it was the one causing all the pain and hurt

humans wrong the waters
this might be its revenge
but even it too proved heartless
feasting on the innocent
over 200,000 living sent to rest, futureless
didn’t spare a body
didn’t spare a home
took so much back with it
for some, it didn’t even spare a bone

Nobody to point fingers at, and nobody to blame
but the anger remains
and questions of why never fade
we shall always remember all that was lost
the people, living animals, the land they lived on
their voices still heard along the shorelines they come from
In remembering, we give them a future
it may not be the ones they dreamed of
but it’s one to remind, though water can steal bodies and lives
even nature can’t steal love

In remembering my love lies
In hopes that their souls rise
into rest, into peace
into ease, into sleep

RIP to all the families, stories, and memories that existed before Tsunami 2004


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