FoodWithBai – Vadai Recipe

By Editor - March 31st, 2015

FoodWithBai - Vadai Recipe

Vadai comes in many shapes and sizes, but is most commonly known for its doughnut shape. Filled with green chilies, onions and plenty of other spices, it is a snack for the champions and can be enjoyed whenever. Another form of vadai is the flat, round version but crunchier made with a different dhal.


Thangachi’s Corner: Back Home

By Editor - March 31st, 2015

Thangachi's Corner: Back Home

The trouble was, I was a child the last time I’d visited, and was very much oblivious of who we’d left behind on the mango-shaped island. I was three by the time my feet hit Canadian soil, and had only been back once as a child, when meeting relatives instead of climbing trees was more painful than taking out a splinter. I had kept from twelve years ago mere wisps of faded memory, but was finally ready to solidify it now. Grown and more mature, family meant more to me than it ever had.

Danga Maari Dance Cover by Zillas

By Editor - March 31st, 2015

Danga Maari Dance Cover by Zillas

This week’s Talent Tuesday feature are the Zillas! The Zillas are a Toronto-based dance team combining the skills of city-wide, versatile dancers. They have created a dance cover to the popular Gaana song ‘Danga Maari’ from the film Anegan. This dance group’s first debut was at CTYA’s Thaalam 2014 competition where they placed 2nd. Thaalam 2015 will be taking place on July 4th at the Rose Theatre in Brampton so stay tuned!

Chronicles of a Tamil Freshman – Part 6

By Editor - March 30th, 2015

Chronicles of a Tamil Freshman – Part 6

Tanya entered the lecture room, and found a seat near the back. She grabbed her notebook and a few pens from her bag, placing them neatly on her desk. Minutes later, Prithushan entered the lecture room, and begin climbing the stairs in search of a seat. He stared around the lecture room for a while—almost as if he were looking for something, or someone. Suddenly, he locked eyes with Tanya, and started walking towards her direction. Sweat began to trickle down Tanya’s forehead, when he sat down in the seat next to her.

She tried to avoid eye contact, but could feel his stare piercing through her. Eventually, she gave in, and turned to face him slightly. Her gaze was met by his warm smile again.

“Hey, man. It’s good to finally see a brown guy in this class for once,” he joked.

“Brown guy?! He actually thinks I’m a guy…” Tanya thought, stunned.

She deepened her voice, and tried to calm her emotions. “Err, yeah…I get what you mean, man. Nice to meet you,” she said in a raspy tone.

Thulirkal – Nurse and Lecturer, Gaayathry Thurairajah

By Editor - March 27th, 2015

Thulirkal - Nurse and Lecturer, Gaayathry Thurairajah

CTYA’s Blog has started a new Feature on Fridays, Thulirkal. Thulirkal meaning bud reflects the young Tamil youth we will be featuring. These youth are the buds of our community, and are growing into strong, achieving young men and women!  This week, we’ve brought you Gaayathry Thurairajah! Gaayathry Thurairajah completed her undergrad BScN in 2009…

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